It started as our story and now it’s also yours
Creating personalized gifts for birthdays, baby showers, baptism and other special moments became our mission 5 years ago. We must admit, it’s not an easy mission. However, it’s the best mission we could imagine. We believe that we have the most amazing family business in the world as we can explore our creativity and help people all around the world keep their best moments for life.
How it all started… 
It all started more than four years ago in the attic of our house, where we had some free space for creativity, passion, experiments, ideas and dreams… We (my husband and I) were office employees – my husband was an architect and I was a manager at a company that sold gifts. Thus, we could explore our creativity only on weekends and after working hours. 
While working for the gift company, I noticed that the market was overwhelmed with different types of gifts. However, I felt that there was a gap that could still be filled. 

I had some ideas about the gifts I wanted to create, and my husband, as an architect, could help me by applying his technical knowledge. We presented our first products to our family and friends. Their positive feedback encouraged us to come up with even more ideas and solutions and set up a company to provide these unique, personalized gifts to a wider public. 


Guthmangifts - a family business that produces original, personalized, wooden gifts

Our core value: happy team and customers 
At Guthman Gifts, we believe that one great thing leads to another. That’s why we focus on ensuring a great work environment for our team, so they can ensure the best quality products for our customers. The more satisfied our customers are, the more benefits we’re able to offer our team.

Today we have a team of 8 people who work in our workshop of 350 m2 (1148 square feet). Each product is verified before it is sent to a customer. We believe this is the key element of keeping customer satisfaction so high. The proof? Only one customer out of a hundred rates our products and services with four stars (99 customers give us 5 stars).  


Guthmangifts - a family business that produces original, personalized, wooden gifts