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5 ideas for personalized gifts by Guthman Gifts

What was your last experience with finding, choosing and giving a present? We at Guthman Gifts have prepared 5 gift ideas for 5 occasions so you can raise the bar of the gift-giving experience even higher. How? Personalize your gifts! 
Gift for a newborn

Traditionally people tend to buy very practical gifts for newborns, such as blankets, clothes, bath products or toys. Thus, if you want to be original, you might want to consider something different, for example, nursery décor – a sign with the baby’s name. At Guthman Gifts, we offer various name sign designs and sizes as well as font options. The wooden name signs are made of MDF wood board coated with white paint (water-based) or in natural wood color (coated with varnish). They look great in any interior design.  

Personalized wooden name sign and wall decor
Gift for a toddler girl
Toddler girls are little ladies who tend to imitate their moms. When all the other guests offer clothes, dolls, teddy bears and other more or less traditional gifts for girls, be original and offer a jewelry box. 
Guthman Gifts jewelry boxes for girls are handmade. They have two levels, with the possibility to change the storage disposition – the lower level for bigger object storage, the upper level for smaller things. You can choose between 5 different sizes and various colors, and most importantly you can personalize it – we’ll engrave the name of the girl on her brand-new jewelry box. 

This is an amazing gift that will definitely stand out.  


Personalized Jewelry box for girl and baby 

Gift for a baptism

A baptism is a very special and wonderful event in the life of a child and the whole family. One of the very important details of this event is a present. The best choice is a personalized gift that the child will be able to hold on to as a keepsake. Guthman Gifts offers various gift options. One of the best choices for both girls and boys is a keepsake box with a personalized design. You can choose from various sizes and designs by personalizing it with an engraving of the child’s name. In addition, you can also engrave a personalized dedication – a quote with the date of the baptism, for example, on the lid or bottom of the box.  


Personalized keepsake box for baby boy
“A moment lasts for seconds but the memories last forever.” 
Personalized gift for a family 

It’s not an easy task to choose a gift for the whole family. The great news is that we have a wonderful idea for a family gift. A personalized photo album is a very special gift that the whole family will appreciate. Our handmade photo albums stand out with their original design and high quality. Aside from this, we offer various personalization options such as an engraving on the cover as well as on the back of the cover. The photo album has a wooden cover that is coated with varnish to ensure a smooth surface. It has blank beige card pages and plain white photo-protective sheets between them. If you have some photos of the family, you can add them to the album for an extra surprise moment when the family opens your gift. 


Personalized album or memory book for family
Gift for Mother’s Day  

Surprise a mum with the most precious memory collection! A personalized photo album with a lovely engraving and dedication to mum will make her heart melt. Create this album as a dedication to her for all the amazing moments you’ve experienced together. In addition to a personalized design, complement the photo album with pictures from your family trips, birthdays, special events, Christmas celebrations and so on. She’ll definitely appreciate it much more than a new scarf or earrings. 


Personalized photo album with engraving and dedication for mother